The goal of parenting is to help children reach their fullest potential so that they can be happy, healthy, and employed adults. The age old question of “what do you want to be when you grow up” is important and one that is not answered magically at some point during high school.  Kids need time and support to learn what they like, what they’re good at, and what career possibilities combine the two. You can help your child make the transition from the world of school to the world of work by engaging him or her in activities that support the skills needed to plan for the future.

Your child’s school is federally required to offer Transition Planning and Services, which help prepare children for the transition into adulthood, including work and career.  This work often begins in the latter part of middle school and into high school.  But there is a lot you can do today – no matter how old your child is – to lay the foundation for those first steps toward meaningful work.

This Activity Planner is based on the Maryland Career Development Framework and is designed for parents and teachers with children from pre-K through 8th grade.  In it, we provide a wide range of activities – some that can be done at home and some at school – that can help you help your child or student.  While we’ve tried to make these activities as general as possible, it is, of course, up to you to decide which ones best apply.  We encourage you to connect the dots when you can and mention a wide variety of jobs and careers to your child or student as you work through these activities. 

We hope that you will find some of them helpful during your transitions together.

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